Your New Must-Have Limited Edition Make-Up Collection Is Here

As the weekend lands, it's time to make your beauty mark with Flormar's limited edition Future Historical make-up collection. Beauty is all about expressing individuality; creating a look that reflects who you feel like being right now. So, whether that's upping your eye game, mastering the perfect matte lip or prepping skin to put your best face forward, make-up can bring a world of creativity to your fingertips.

The perfect weapons of mass seduction can be found in Flormar's limited edition Future Historical collection of high-performing make-up that offers exceptional colours, brilliant bases and innovative formulations. The collection comprises of beauty's most on-trend items, in 2017's must-have shades.

Meet the heroes:

Smart beauty buyers are stocking up on multiple bottles of Flormar's Anti-Blemish Foundation, €11.95, a buildable, oil-free product, formulated with soothing, skin-calming ingredients to quickly heal, and prevent break-outs.


The matching, Radiant Touch Brush Concealer, €7.95, hides and illuminates dark circles and works as an instant cover to imperfections.

The New Age Matte Lipstick, €7.95, is a liquid formula in six lust-have shades that sets super-matte without any feeling of tightness or dryness.

Colour Stretch Eyeshadows, €6.95 each, are little creamy pots of potent pigment that blend beautifully, avoid creasing and last as long as you will. Choose your shimmery shade and glow like a pro.

Push Up Definition Mascara, €9.95, brings a finishing touch to inky, sultry lashes. Available in jet black, layer up this buildable formula for extra drama.


Don't forget those talons! A good nail game is the ultimate in finessing your beauty look. The Flormar Perfect Matte Nail Enamel, €3.50 offers a fast-drying shine-free effect for enviable, deeply coloured results. Available in six sexy shades.

The Flormar Future Historical collection is only available while stocks last, so be sure to stock up at your nearest Flormar pharmacy asap. Or, for the truly deserving, we have three full sets of the Future Historical collection to offer to beauty mavens.

Or, for the truly deserving, we have 3 full sets of the Future Historical collection to giveaway beauty mavens, as a result of passing the 50,000 vote mark in our Business of Beauty Awards!

Simply comment below this post (in our comments section) to be in with a chance of winning. Good luck!

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