Nearly half a million of you have voted in the Business of Beauty Awards: here's the scoop

I’ve only been in the door three weeks as digital editor of but even before I arrived I was excited about the Business of Beauty Awards. Known as the Irish beauty Oscars, or affectionately known as ‘BOB’ around the office, the awards recognise the best brands and individuals in the beauty industry in Ireland. The winners represent the industry’s gold standard.

For many the shortlist works as a menu card; helping them to decide who they’ll trust with their hair, makeup, nails, facials and all those other beauty bits for the year ahead. The winners are a group of tried and tested individuals, salons and brands that leave Irish women glowing.

You can understand then why the energy and excitement around IMAGE HQ right now is palpable. With the awards less than two weeks away; chats about goodie bags, outfit choices and after parties are taking up our lunch breaks. And don’t even talk to me about the hair and makeup discussions.

There isn’t an IMAGE employee that hasn’t been asked for a sneaky peak at nominations but take it from me, you’re wasting your time. The toll is held under lock and key. I am a little worried that I may self-destruct after writing this.

The Business of Beauty award winners are honoured by us, but voted for by you. And boy, are you voting. Nearly half a million of you have logged on to to vote. That’s a whole lot of hairspray.


I may have limited time so here’s the scoop:

  1. We've had almost 500,000 votes so far.
  2.  In 8 of the 18 categories, the top four contenders are within 100 votes of each other.
  3. In one of those categories, the leader has been changing every day for the past week because voting is so close.
  4. Right now, there are fourteen votes separating first and second in another category.
  5. Voting closes at midnight on Sunday, April 8.

Even at this late stage, every vote counts.

In 8 categories, there is a hair’s breadth between the potential winners. In one of the categories, the winner is literally changing every day. It’s down to the wire with this one.

My advice? If you’re a nominee … call your Granny, call her friends, get in touch with that long-lost cousin in Toronto, send smoke signals to your weird mate living in the forest. Just get those votes in, in any way you can.

I’ve run out of time, they’re at the door.



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