Invigorating: We tried the new 'Natural Facelift' facial at Powerscourt spa

Want to give your face a new lease of life? We recently tried out the new natural facelift facial at Espa to see what it's all about. Here's how we got on...

My skin was in limbo. While I didn't have acne or deep wrinkles, my skin was dull, old-looking and sad. I longed for a radiant, youthful glow. I wanted my skin to look 'alive' again; not tired or washed-out.

That's when I heard about the new Natural Facelift facial at Espa. There was no harm in giving it a try.



Located on the lower level of Powerscourt Hotel, the spa's environment promotes serenity and relaxation. Tranquil music plays quietly overhead while scented candles fill the air. What's more, guests are encouraged to put their smartphones away; to switch off from the outside world and truly dip into a place of calm.

After changing into a robe and slippers, I made my way to Espa's lunch area. Then, as I was over an hour early for my treatment, I visited the serenity room which overlooks the hotel's gardens and the Wicklow Mountains.

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It's a quiet zone; a place for guests to lie back, read a book, nap or meditate. Blankets are provided and there's a selection of magazines to choose from (IMAGE magazines included, of course).

It felt truly zen; so zen that I almost fell asleep and missed my appointment... Almost.

Natural Facelift Facial


At 2 pm, I was met by my beauty therapist Karen, who guided me down the hall to the treatment room. Here, she talked me through the treatment-to-come; explaining what it entails and allowing me to choose which products' scents appealed to me most. I was then invited to lie down on the bed and make myself comfortable while Karen got to work.

The facial combines luxury Espa products and various facial massage techniques; all of which detoxify, invigorate and stimulate both the skin and facial muscles. It begins with a skin analysis (using a SkinVision™ lamp), followed by a double-cleanse and steam.

Photo @EspaSkincare on Instagram

Karen then used a combination of Japanese Kobido massage and stimulating Jade rollers to awaken my skin, giving instant results. It's important to note that this section of the facial involves a lot of pressure on the face. I would compare it to a deep-tissue body massage, in the sense that if you don't enjoy hard pressure, it probably isn't for you.

That being said, if you do like deep pressure, as I do, the facial is incredibly satisfying.

After the massage, an Espa Lift & Firm mask was used to lift my skin. It felt cool and refreshing (particularly after the hot steam) and it left my face feeling bright and radiant. However, this mask is quite heavy on the face and may not be right for you if you suffer from claustrophobia.


Lastly, to finish the Natural Facelift, Karen applied Espa's Optimal Skin ProSerum for intense nourishment; the Lift & Firm Intensive Eye Serum to smooth and firm my eye area; Balancing Herbal Spafresh Toner to refresh and clarify the skin; and a layer of Pink Pomelo Lip Balm, a deeply hydrating balm to leave lips soft and smooth.

Days later, my face still felt brighter and more youthful-looking. I found myself wearing less make-up that week and I no longer relied on highlighter for a glow.

Would I recommend? Yes, but only if you're okay with deep-tissue pressure. If a relaxing facial (the type you'd almost fall asleep during) is more your style, Espa's Inner Beauty facial may be best for you.

The entire treatment at Powerscourt Hotel & Spa lasts 90 minutes, and costs €150 midweek, or €160 at weekends.

Photos: Powerscourt Hotel

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