National Lipstick Day: IMAGE staffers all-time favourite lipsticks

The Internet says it's National Lipstick Day, so here's a round-up of our favourites at IMAGE HQ. 

Did you know the average woman will spend almost €2000 on lipstick in her lifetime? It's important to us. Today is National Lipstick Day, according to the Internet. Who makes up these days? How do people know when it's National Hot Dog Day or National Selfie Day? Either way, today is apparently National Lipstick Day, which got team IMAGE talking about their all-time favourites. Here's a round-up for you, if you're on the hunt for a beloved newbie.


Tom Ford Lip Colour Sheer in Revolve Around Me, €49


When I was younger my lip glosses all came in sticky, thick fluorescent pink with so much hard glitter they could be sold now as a Kiehl's lip exfoliator. My favourite lipstick colours were inspired by my granny, Gainne's: varying shades of burnishing magentas, which she kept lined up in the egg section in the fridge. Now that I'm older and god damn wiser I know that nude is my colour and one of the most glorious joys of this job is that beauty brands send me their nudes, the only kind of nudes any girl wants to receive - varying waxy, smooth, creamy, sheeny delicious shades of skin tone lipsticks. My job does not allow me to be monogamous with just one lipstick so if I had to choose a current favourite I'd pick the new Tom Ford Lip Colour Sheer in Revolve Around Me, €49 but I'm cheating on her occasionally with Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips 2 in In Love With Olivia, €35. — Holly O'Neill, junior beauty editor.

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Glossier Generation G in Zip, €17

As a result of my skin going a bit haywire last year, I'm now pretty committed to the minimal/no make-up life right now. Whatever I do put on my face is firmly in the 'barely-there' category, which is why I absolutely love Generation G in Zip by Glossier, along with the rest of their range. The one thing I miss about wearing make-up every day is a strong red lip, so Generation G is the perfect way to combat that with a softer take on the look. It's matte but not cakey, and very light, so you can build it up to a strong lip, or swatch it once for a wash of colour. It's the perfect flushed everyday lipstick, and one of the only ones I would repurchase again and again. — Erin Lindsay, deputy digital editor. 


MAC Lipstick in Ruby Woo, €20

My all time favourite lipstick is MAC's Ruby Woo, €20. I'm almost down to the end of my third one of these. It's a gorgeous, classic red and I can always rely on it to lift my mood. And I LOVE the smell of MAC lipsticks. — Laura Kenny, art director. 

My favourite lipstick of all time has to be Ruby Woo by MAC. It's an amazing blue-toned red and was the first bold colour lipstick I ever experimented with. I don't wear it enough but I really should. There is something about a red lip that makes me feel powerful and confident. And this specific red makes your gnashers look extra white which makes me adore it even more! —Edaein O’Connell, staff writer.

The Sephora Cream Lip Stain Liquid Lipstick in 01 Always Red, $14
My shade of choice has always been red. So much so that I am not planning on wearing a classic nude on my wedding day but want shocking, in your face, punchy rouge on my lips. Sadly, my favourite lipstick is not available here as it's from Sephora. The Sephora Cream Lip Stain Liquid Lipstick became popular amongst make-up YouTubers back in the day and I had to wait until I was on holidays to buy it myself. It's a liquid lipstick with a doe-foot applicator in the most perfect classic red with a blue undertone. It glides on easily, it's quite a thick but creamy texture and it dries down to a gorgeous, velvet matte. This doesn't dry my lips out, go flakey, and also copes well with being reapplied throughout the day (so many liquid formulas need to be removed before topping up which I just don't have time for). It doesn't have a fancy shade name, it's just called 01 Always Red. I always buy a few when I'm on holidays or instruct friends and family to bring me home a couple to keep me going. I can't see myself ever straying from this and the best part? It's only $14.00. — Hannah Hillyer, office manager.

Photography by Jason Lloyd-Evans. 

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