NASA are releasing a fragrance that "smells like space"

NASA new scent is described as “a mix of gunpowder, seared steak, raspberries, and rum”

What do you reckon outer space smells like? Well, stop the Earth and let me off - the answer to the question nobody asked is coming soon, thanks to NASA's newly designed fragrance named - wait for it - Eau de Space.

According to the Kickstarter that was recently launched for the scent, the fragrance was created decades ago to train and prepare astronauts for how outer space actually smells. It's now making it's way down to Earth, where you can reserve a bottle for $34 and the team will match your purchase by donating a bottle to a STEM program.


"The Smell of Space has been locked behind "Need to Know" astronaut only field training, and red tape for years," says the Kickstarter. "Through sheer determination, grit, a lot of luck, and a couple of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, we got it out."

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The world's first perfume independently verified by actual astronauts was developed for NASA by chemist Steve Pearce, according to CNN, back in 2008. So what does space smell like? Pearce spoke to astronauts, who described it as seared steak, welding fumes and hot metal. Astronaut Peggy Whitson told CNN it’s “a bitter kind of smell in addition to being smoky and burned,” “kind of like a smell from a gun, right after you fire the shot.” Matt Richmond, Eau de Space product manager, told CNN he’s struggled with describing the fragrance’s scent, but astronauts describe the smell as “a mix of gunpowder, seared steak, raspberries, and rum.” It actually doesn't sound too bad.

Richmond also told CNN that based on the excitement of Eau de Space, they're also looking into developing a fragrance called Smell Of The Moon.

Reserve yourself a bottle of space juice here.

Digital illustrations of Eau de Space by Laura Kenny.

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