Nars have created even more of the universally flattering pink Orgasm products

Next time you pop into Nars for a Climax mascara, make sure to ask for an Orgasm too

Every beauty category has an overwhelmingly popular leader. With tinted moisturisers, we all know it's Laura Mercier. With night time serums, we all know it's Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair. There are just some products we can all agree are the best. We call these products cult heroes. When it comes to blusher, the cult hero we can all agree on is Nars Orgasm.

Nars are the leader of powder blushers but Orgasm has always been the most popular (one sells every minute), as a universally flattering perfectly peachy pink with a slight golden shimmer that perks up every skin tone, pale or dark.

So popular in fact is Nars Orgasm, that the brand has developed the shade into tons of limited edition products that always sell out: there's Liquid Orgasm (a liquid highlighter), Multiple Orgasm (a stick cream blush), lip balms, nail varnishes and more.


Once again, Nars has created a spin-off on the blush that makes you blush with Orgasm X, a new collection of eyeshadow palettes, cheek palettes and lip oils made of provocative pink.

There's Orgasm X Blush, €32, a new deeper shade of the bestselling powder formula with the same golden glimmer.

Orgasm X Cheek Palette, NARS Just Arrived

Orgasm X Cheek Palette, €39

There's also a new palette, with a trio of flattering, shimmering shades, including the new deep coral Orgasm X Blush, the original cult pink Orgasm Blush, plus Orgasm Highlighting Powder, which is the one pan of the golden shimmer that makes the original Orgasm so glowy.

Quad Eyeshadow, NARS Just Arrived


Orgasm X Quad Eyeshadow, €49

There are two new limited edition Quad Eyeshadow Palettes in Orgasm-inspired shades. The first is an everyday palette of matte and shimmer, with golden sparkle, light pink champagne, a matte coral and shimmering light cocoa.

Quad Eyeshadow, NARS Just Arrived

Orgasm X Quad Eyeshadow, €49

The second is inspired by the new Orgasm X blush, with deeper shades for night; pink rust shimmer, sparkling amber, matte dusty rose matte and a black with red shimmer.

Orgasm X Oil-Infused Lip Tint, €26


There's a new limited edition Lip Tint in the shade of Orgasm X, that plumps the lips up with water-absorbing molecules in a sheer deep coral with a touch of golden pearl shimmer to it.

Mini Orgasm Eyeshadow Palette, €24

Finally, the Orgasm glow has been reimagined in a mini travel-sized palette of six pinks, pops, and pearlescent eyeshadows; metallic pale pink, golden peach, matte coral, golden pink, iridescent copper and sparkling amber.

The full Orgasm X collection is available nationwide now and absolutely worth a moment of shame at the beauty counter.

Photography by Nars.

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