Nail Art Is Going To Be Huge This Season

Nail art is a brilliant form of self-expression. The concept of laying down your thoughts and feelings in polish and showing them off for the world to see is becoming increasingly popular, both in Ireland and internationally. For example, New York Fashion Week saw designers opting for bold, quirky nail art. Models at Libertine walked the runway with nails that mirrored their clothes. Fringing on the jacket? Throw a fringe on the nails too.

Meanwhile, Jeremy Scott went wild with bright, pink animal print, courtesy of nail artist Miss Pop. Not only is nail art a fun way to demonstrate your personality, it's also an enjoyable (and strangely relaxing) experience to watch your nail technician at work.

While we mightn’t be brave enough to wear fringe nails just yet, we are nevertheless interested in experimenting with various colours, patterns and texture. As such, we chatted with five of Ireland’s leading nail technicians (and nominees in this year’s IMAGE Business of Beauty Awards) to see what they make of this artsy trend.


Chloe Gilbert at Tropical Popical says, “I love it! It’s my favourite thing to do. I think you can tell a lot about a person by the art they like! It’s not for everyone, but it can be so much fun, even just for an occasion. It’s great all over colour too, so slick!”

Jennifer Swaine at Leeson Beauty notes that “Irish women are very conservative about nail art, preferring to go with an accent nail etc. But it is getting more popular. Suzi who works with us has a lot of nail art clients – as once people start to get it, they get hooked!”

For Pamela Laird at The Beauty Parlour, the best nail art is that which is clear-cut and defined. There are no smudges on her watch! “I love nail art, and for me it’s all about clean lines and sophisticated designs that flatter the nails.”

Meanwhile, Robyn McDonald at The Beauty Lounge says, “Nail art is fab. It’s such a great way to show how creative we can be on such a tiny canvas. Every client is so different, so whether they like classic, simple polish or crystals and mini masterpieces, I love it all. It’s completely down to personal preference. That’s what makes my job so interesting.”


For others, it’s all about being unique and adding a personal touch. Vivienne Bogdán-Hanyecz at Edvard & Pink, Dundrum says, “It can brighten up your favourite colour for a special occasion. With nail art sometimes 'less is more'. My favourite design is one-stroke flowers on the ring finger, which is especially beautiful for a bride.”


Chloe Gilbert, Jennifer Swain, Pamela Laird, Robyn McDonald and Vivienne Bogdan are all nominated for Best Nail Technician in the IMAGE Beauty of Business Awards. To vote for your favourite, click the button below:



Holding picture credit: Betty's Beauty Bombs on Pinterest

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