Must-Have Beauty: The New Make-Up Collection By Christian Louboutin

The eyes are the windows to the soul,?yet in terms of beauty, I always neglect mine. They frequently go bare, save for a coat of mascara, because I'm more of a lipstick woman. But for many women, the eyeshadow/eyeliner combo is the first thing to be boxed off during the morning beauty routine.

I might be about to toss at least some of my lipstick in the bin, thanks to famed shoe designer Christian Louboutin's beautifully-packaged debut eye collection, which is all about enhancing the eyes God gave you. Yes, elegant, highly coveted, red-soled footwear, might not be the only item you covet from the label in the coming weeks.

You definitely see everything through the eyes,? the Paris-based designer, told Vanity Fair of the new eyes collection.


The collection, which translates as 'dark eyes,? introduces four eye-accentuating products: Lash Amplifying Lacquer mascara, Oeile Vinyle Luminous Ink Liner, Oeil Velours Velvet Eye Definer, and a brow defining pencil. ?This collection is all about vibrant colour in the form of a rich maroon mascara, high-pigment-yellow eye pencil, liquid eyeliner in a bright blue and brow pencils in four different shades.

Following small steps into the world of beauty (a series of nail colours, lip colours and fragrance has already gone on the'market), this latest aspect is a key element to his overall collection. The designer said he was inspired by Kathakali, a form of classical Indian dance, for the campaign.

The Les Yeux Noir collection has already landed on US shores and should be on ours?imminently.

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