More Men Than Women Are Searching For Hair Advice Online

2015 was a big year for men's hair care, according to a report released by Google trends. More specifically, 2015 was a big year for what was known as the ?Man Bun? as this is what most men searched for when it came to hair. Oddly, they also wanted to know ?How To Grow A Man Bun? and perhaps more understandably, ?How To Tie A Man Bun.?

Many male celebrities have worn this hairstyle in the past few months including Jared Leto, Leonardo DiCaprio and Harry Styles, which no doubt explains the reasoning behind its popularity. However, following reports that this particular style (and its female counterpart, the Top Knot) can cause hair loss, we may not see it around much longer.

For the first time, the search engine registered more interest in men's haircare than in women's - about six percent more, to be specific. Along with the man bun, a Don Draper-esque comb-over also got a lot of search love, as did the topic of men's hair colour. Think of that what you will.

The report asserts that "Men are searching to learn more about all these different looks and understand their nuances.?

According to Google, just one percent of searches for men's hairstyle trends surfaced an advertisement, meaning very few brands are making use of "the opportunity to be relevant to their male audience."


As for the ladies, goddess braids and silvery grey hair were among the top search trends; queries related to rainbow hair also grew by 148 percent this year.

These results may not be too surprising to many, given the fact that the beauty market aims to cater for men, just as it does women (though obviously not on as big a scale).

And while it is great to hear that males are all about grooming and keeping on trend hair-wise, some of us (mainly this writer) won't be sorry to see the back of the man bun.

Via Telegraph

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