This Moisturiser Will Relieve And Soothe Sensitive, Itching Skin

Sensitive skin conditions plague countless women, men and children with their hallmark symptoms - dryness and itch. And the issue seems amplified in the summer; with the heat and the humidity only making things worse. Yet, for all the good that rich moisturisers do to repair the skin barrier, few, if any, are made to tackle itch quickly - a maddening sensation that invites obsessive, almost painful scratching, leading to further skin damage.

So, what's the solution you cry? Enter Suu BalmTM, Ireland's very first, fast itch-relieving moisturising cream, which can relieve itch in less than five minutes. This gem of a product?contains 3% menthol, providing optimal itch relief without irritation - its nearest competitor contains just 1% - and it's also free of steroids; parabens; SLS/SLES; heavy metals and phthalates.

Another plus is that you can use it all summer long without the fear of greasy skin; refreshing and lightweight (perfect for repeated use across the day), Suu BalmTM is a must-have in every beauty kit, for yourself or the friend or family member who needs it in an emergency. Not just sensitive skin flare-ups, it also treats a variety of common skin irritants such as psoriasis; insect bites; chilblains; prickly heat and more. Pack it in your holiday suitcase; this multi-purpose cream will definitely come in handy.


Available in a 75ml tube for €14.95 and 350ml pump for €29.95, Suu BalmTM retails in over 460 pharmacies throughout Ireland.

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