Miracle Blow-Dry Oil

If your hair is rather unruly and a nightmare to dry, you'd better listen up. Just the other day we decided to give Matrix Oil Wonders Flash Blow-Dry Oil a whizz and to our delight, it did exactly what it said on the tin.

Flash Blow Dry Oil, a oil spray infused with Moroccan argan oil, enhances softness while reducing blow drying time*. Moroccan argan oil hair spray gives your hair a perfectly polished look with enhanced shine and suppleness. Suitable for all hair types.

Unless you've been shown how to dry your hair by a professional or you're one of the lucky ones who were just born with supermodel hair, salon-quality hair, you'll likely emerge, post shower, as something resembling Cousin It. Yep, you're speaking to your sister.

Thankfully, a product such as the aforementioned has come singing into our world. Simply spritz it onto towel-dried hair and your hair will not only dry quicker (it's magic, MAGIC!), but will be super easy to style and hold its sleek shape 'til you're ready to wash again. For women who prefer day-old blow-dries, this product does away with that instant bushiness that you often get with freshly washed hair.


Your locks will smell like a dream too and feel oh-so-silky to touch.

Get your mitts on a bottle, you're barnett will thank you kindly.



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