Milky cleansers: The best of them and why they might suit you

Milky cleansers are everywhere right now. There are three great ones I rate - here's why they're a great option for those of you with sensitive or dry skin...

Creamy and yet still light, milk cleansers bridge the gap between rich balm cleansers or oils, and light gel textured cleansers. They're ideal for removing make-up and giving a good, thorough clean to the skin while making sure not to leave skin feeling parched.

Gently does it

You'll notice when it comes to cleansing milk, many of them also have the word 'gentle' in the title, because for the most part, they're ideal for skin that can't handle any irritation. I've found these three to be great for those occasions when my skin needs to be treated more kindly than normal.


The French pharmacy winner

Avène Gentle Milk Cleanser, €13.45

I'm a fan of Avène as it is, so when I tried this in a friend's house one evening I was expecting to love it. I wasn't disappointed - it really took off my make-up, didn't irritate my sensitive eyes and my skin felt nourished afterwards.

The brilliant budget one

Garnier Micellar Milky Cleansing Water, €7.99


This one is actually a micellar water, so slightly different from the other two, in that you don't have to remove it or rinse it off. I apply this with a cotton pad, and it's super for breaking down eye make-up. Even my layer of Duo glue was broken through with this stuff, and yet not a red eye in sight.

The "skin conditioner" one

Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser, from €9

This one would be my favourite for morning time - it's not the most spectacular one for make-up removal - it's not bad by any means, but I just really enjoy the refreshing feel of the jelly cleanse in the morning. They call it a 'skin conditioner' and I can see why - your skin feels super soft and hydrated after use.

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