Miley Cyrus Joins Forces With MAC

The polarising star gets lippy

The latest in the growing line of celebrities to lend their name to MAC's Viva Glam campaign has been revealed. As one of the most divisive artists since Christina Aguilera's dirty days, Miley Cyrus has continued to drop jaws as she's moved lightyears beyond her Hannah Montana alter ego, one gyrating foam finger at a time.

Love her or loathe her, she's certainly carved out a niche for herself as a young woman who knows what she wants, does what she wants and ignores the haters. We also admire her ability to laugh at herself, a trait that will go a long way in the showbiz industry. As for how she's impacting on other young women? Well, we'll save the Miley Cyrus feminism debate for another day. Today, it's all about MAC.

We've no doubt that Miley would have been highly involved in the creative process of this capsule collaboration, sure to come across with some show-stopping shades for your lovely, luscious lips. If the photos of this hot pink lipstick and glittery gloss are anything to go by, she's certainly delivered.


And lest we forget, this project has been running for 20 years now raising funds and awareness for various HIV/Aids programs. The new line will be available in your favourite MAC stores come January 2015.

Miley follows in the footsteps of Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Lady Gaga and more.

Who would you like to see next? Our Jeanne Sutton is hoping for a Taylor Swift collaboration.


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