You Might Want To Cut Back On The Dry Shampoo...

Are you one of those gals who credits dry shampoo with getting you from Monday to Friday without a burst vessel sprouting up on your face? Does the hair product help you escape a morning routine which used send your beleaguered?body into shock? You may soon be changing your tune.

Refinery 29 broke the news dry shampoo isn't the get-through-life elixir we've all been hoping it was. In fact, dry shampoo's ability to ?clean? your hair of greasy-looking oil can have undesirable ramifications on hair colour, lead to excessive scalp build-up and damage the health of your scalp.

The women's website quotes dermatologist Francesca Fusco, MD, who stresses the importance of regular scalp cleansing. "When you're cleansing, you're removing dead skin, germs, and bacteria.You're exfoliating, and it's healthier when you exfoliate,? she says. ?When you're using dry shampoo every day, it builds up, and it eventually dulls the hair... The skin on your scalp is an extension of the skin on your face. If your face was oily and dirty, you wouldn't just powder it. You'd wash it."

Dry shampoo formulas, usually derived from aluminum or corn starch, also affect coloured hair, dulling the dye and turning the gloss colour can bring into a dull matte.


As for scalp health, too much dry shampoo build-up disrupts our natural shedding process. All the sticky scap residue makes hairs stick together, so when brushing healthy hairs get pulled. And when you hit the shower, the hair waiting to fall may come out in clumps. Gross.

So while we're not saying abandon the dry shampoo ship, maybe you should consider using it a little bit less and making more time for regular hair washing.

Via Refinery29

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