Melting? Here's 3 foundations that won't slide off in the heat

Everyone is shouting about how they're 'melting!', 'dying!', or  'sweating!' in this heat so our make-up is really being put to the test. Here's three of the best foundations that will stay put whatever the temperature.

In the summer, we generally gravitate towards lighter, lower coverage foundations. A heavy base doesn't always feel great in the heat and we want to look fresher and a bit more natural in warmer weather.

But what if it gets really hot? Like make-up-sliding-down-your-face-hot? It would seem sensible here to just go without, but sometimes this isn't an option. You might have a job interview, a wedding or an amazing 30th birthday to attend which, if you're anything like me, means lots of make-up. If however, you are comfortable going fully bare-faced in the heat, I salute you, but I cannot join you.

If you are going for full-coverage in the full-heat, here are the best ones that won't make you look like a melted mess by 3 pm.


The Double-Wear legend

Esteé Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup SPF 10; €40.00 at


All hail the best long-wearing foundation of all time. Although I don't wear this that much in the summer, it is my go-to anytime I need my make-up to stick to my face like glue, so it's perfect for a sweaty August wedding.

It gets a bad rap as many think it's heavy or cakey, but I just apply with a light hand and use it sparingly. A spritz of a setting spray like MAC Fix + on top also helps to make it look fresh and dewy, as well as even longer-lasting.

As for its stay-all-day qualities? This is the holy grail. A good example (although slightly macabre) is that I once wore this foundation to a funeral, where lack of sleep and teary eyes meant that I was wearing quite a lot of it too. Having spent most of the day in floods of tears (not 'pretty' tears I might add — more so ugly, snotty sobbing) I checked my make-up in the car mirror afterwards, fully expecting to see a bright red face adorned with plenty of streaks. I was amazed to find that my foundation hadn't budged.


So if it can survive a day of crying? It can survive in summer sunshine too.

Fenty full coverage Beauty PRO FILT'R Soft Matte Longwear Foundation; €34.00 at


A newer one that I've only recently tried is this Fenty foundation. Firstly, the range of shades is incredibly inclusive, and secondly, the finish of this is lovely and velvety. It goes on more matte than Double Wear, so I wouldn't reach for this if I had any breakouts or dry patches that it could cling to. Last week, I gave it its first foray into the summer heat and reader? It did very well.

Again, I applied this sparingly as I didn't want to feel like I had a full-coverage base on but it still gave me great coverage. Oddly enough, sometimes with these matte formulas on a hot day, they can start to look better and more glowy as the day wears on. As gross as this sounds, sometimes getting a little sweaty through your foundation can give you a better glow than a highlighter. I was quite literally glowing from within and it only took one product, not my usual three.


Luxury long-wear

Giorgio Armani Power Fabric Foundation; €49.00 at


After hearing Sali Hughes sing this foundation's praises, I almost ran out to buy it. Specifically, she recommended this for brides as it has a beautiful finish as well as a long-wearing formula. This is dewier than the Fenty and more velvety than Double Wear, so the finish sits firmly between the two.

I have never felt like I'm wearing a 'full-face' after applying this and can confirm that it wears beautifully throughout the day. A great choice if you're a little oily but don't want to do a full-matte face as it still gives a gorgeous luminous finish.

Header Image: @intothegloss


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