Meet the cruelty-free Australian skincare brand just launched a range in Ireland

Australian skincare is almost always reliable. They know their SPFs and they have a massive skin focus. A new, cruelty-free brand is launching a range into Ireland this month. Welcome Ultraceuticals!

Cosmeceutical skincare is the magical blend between cosmetic skincare and pharmaceuticals. Australian skincare brand Ultraceuticals are experts in this particular corner of the skincare universe, and their latest launch, the RVR90 programme (Real Visible Results in 90 days, FYI) is about to hit Ireland.

I'll be honest, I didn't know a huge amount about Ultraceuticals before, so I did some research so you don't have to.

Australian skincare goodness


Ultraceuticals are all about results, and give their products 90 days to reveal clear, firm looking, glowing, beautiful skin for their customers. The ranges encompass both cosmeceutical-grade home skincare and professional in-clinic treatment products, so if you like what you see in terms of clinic results, you can do your homework to keep the results going.


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Tracked and proven

As a brand, Ultraceuticals is well known for its before and after pics, they love a good skin transformation. They carry out extensive in-house panel testing on all their products over three months to ensure their end formulations deliver the results it claims, using state-of-the-art skin scanning technology to track changes and results on the skin before any product goes to market.

And what's more, 100 percent of Ultraceuticals products are not tested on animals and are certified cruelty free by Choose Cruelty Free Australia and PETA.


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