Maybelline Mega Plush Mascara

All too often, makeup-shoppers are forced to make an unfair tradeoff when it comes to mascara: do we opt for megalashes that rival a good pair of falsies (the down side being that each lash looks thick and glue-y and feels crunchy under our finger tips?). Or do we downgrade size in favour of softer, less dried out looking lash lines?

It's a toughie and one that Maybelline are looking to address with their new Mega Plush mascara (?11.99), which promises users soft and velvety lashes instead of the all-too-common brittle and flaky ones.


Maybelline's pledge of soft and downy rather than dry and crumbly comes on the back of their new Gel Mousse Formula, which keeps lashes looking supple and creamy. The fluffy flexor brush also allows for added flexibility and wiggle room, which means more lashes get dolloped with a good, healthy coating.

The result, as promised, is soft and volumised lashes. The less-wax and more-gel formula means lashes are left incredibly full, appearing fluttery and curled, and most importantly stay put all day without so much as a hiccup.


For best results: Sweep from root to tip until you're lashes appear ritzy and perfectly plush.


Michelle Doyle loves beauty. Hit her up @michelleanstar for her favourite budget buys.

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