Marian Keyes is on a beauty pilgrimage and we're following her journey

Marian Keyes, aside from being one of Ireland's most successful authors of all time, is obsessed - yes, obsessed - with beauty. Foundation specifically. So when she had a day off from her book tour, she didn't sleep...

When the call of beauty comes... You have to hop on the Eurostar, don't you? Of course you do. And that's what Irish author Marian Keyes has been at the past two days, and I can't help but be in awe of the ardent dedication to beauty.

No sleep, just primer

While on her book promotion tour (it's topping every bloomin' chart, it's called Grown Ups - you probably already have it), instead of taking her days off to rest, she decided to opt for a rejuvenating and energising trip from London to Paris. Not for the Louvre, or any of the typical 'must-sees' of Paree. But for a good five-hour stint in Sephora, aka beauty mecca.


Documenting the journey

Marian brought along Himself (her husband) for filming purposes, and has been diligently reporting from beauty's front line for the past day.

"I love Sephora SO MUCH that I've named the specific happiness I get from visiting - SEPHORIA!" is written in one of her Instagram captions, and the excitement of the trip is palpable from every video posted.


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Beauty buys

Marian has been keeping us all well in the loop about her purchases, posting hauls to Twitter and unveiling every item in her newly acquired black and white stripped Sephora bag.


As beauty lovers across Ireland will know - that black and white back represents more than just a vessel in which to cart around your bits - it stands for an achievement. You've managed to make the trek to a Sephora SOMEWHERE, or you've managed to convince your cabin crew cousin to stop off on their stopover. Either way, bravo.

Here are a couple of the things Marian nabbed on her trip so far:

marian keyes

Sephora Glow Perfection Foundation

€27 approx, from Sephora, sadly

marian keyes

MAC Lipstick in Soar


€20 from

marian keyes

OPI Infinite Shine Nail Polish in Beyond the Pale Pink

€13 from

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