MAC Find Next Face on Social Media with MAcnificent Me

In a genius move from the folk at MAC, the leading cosmetics brand have decided to look to the weird and wonderful world of social media for its next big campaign, rather than to the small pool of notable celebrities.

Think about it, you could be the next Miley Cyrus. *shudder*

MAC will take to the various social media platforms in search of six individual faces to front their 'MACnificent Me' campaign. In a bid to be considered, applicants will have to submit their 'mantra' in 140 characters or less to the MAC website. From there, all they've got to do is spam the bejesus out of their pals on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc, repeating their mantra 'til they've piqued the interest of the powers that be at MAC. No doubt, lots of duck-face pouting selfies will ensue. However MAC warn that your popularity on social media won't necessarily win you a place among the final six but??"it will definitely help you grab our attention - which is never a bad thing when it comes time to make our final decisions."


The six winners will be photographed by a "prestigious fashion photographer" ahead of their autumn 2015 campaign.

Entries close on December 12th. Have you got your mantra ready?


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