Remove those last bits of stubborn fake tan in 15 minutes with this new Irish product

Sick of exfoliating? This new bath bomb from Irish company Lusso Tan promises to remove even the most stubborn fake tan in just 15 minutes. 

We've all been there. You're ready to apply a fresh layer of fake tan -- even if it is just for a Zoom quiz with the girls these days -- and there are remnants of the previous week's tan still clinging on.

Sometimes no amount of exfoliating and scrubbing will remove those last few stubborn bits.

That is, until now. An Irish company has developed an organic, cruelty-free way to remove your fake tan in just 15 minutes. And the bonus is that it will be kinder to your skin and the environment.


Lusso Tan has developed a bath bomb to remove fake tan. Photo: Lusso Tan

Lusso Tan's new bath bomb, which promises to remove all traces of fake tan, is packed full of natural essential oils to protect and prime the skin for the next application.

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Lusso Tan is the brainchild of Belfast sisters Lynsey Bennett, Leah White and Sarah White who have more than 15 years’ experience in the beauty and tanning industry.

The new bath bomb was inspired after one of their beauty therapists kept recommending the use of bath bombs as part of a wellness routine, to combat the pressures of a busy lifestyle. The conversation naturally progressed to creating a bath bomb that melts tan away, and at the same time looks after your skin.


The Ritual Bundle of tanning products available from Lusso Tan. Photo: Lusso Tan

The bath bomb can be used in one session or broken in half for multiple use. Lusso Tan advises soaking for 15 minutes. Do not apply your new layer of fake tan immediately after use, instead, let all of the oils really seep into the skin to hydrate and moisturise for your next tan application.

Lusso Tan has also developed a fuss-free fake tan range, including a gradual lotion, an instant fake tan mousse, a skin perfector, a primer and a facial mist. The range extends to a shimmer and a tanning mitt.

Each product is paraben-free, organic, vegan and cruelty free.

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