Lucy McPhail shares her three must-have beauty treatments for 2019

Lucy McPhail, founder and CEO of Fetch Beauty, knows her industry inside-out. Whether it’s the latest product launches or salon treatments, she has them tried and tested.

Following her recent nomination in the IMAGE Business of Beauty Awards 2019, we caught up with Lucy to find out which treatments she's investing in for the year ahead.

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111Skin Biocellulose Treatment Masks

Stg £85 (for a pack of five), from 111Skin


"This is still probably the best face mask on the market," Lucy tells us. "It sticks to the skin on application, and each mask has over 20ml of serum which then penetrates the skin. I’ve had better results from using one of these than a lot of facials."

Intravenous vitamin infusions

Rather than taking vitamin supplements orally, Lucy takes them via an IV. "The best ones contain lots of vitamins, but also glutathione, which literally makes you glow. I’m a big believer in the positive effects of good nutrition on skin and ageing."

Cryotherapy chambers

"I go to 111Cryo in London whenever I’m there," Lucy says. "It's -90 degrees and a three-minute-long treatment. You feel incredible afterwards and it’s great for your skin and overall wellbeing." Cryotherapy, also known as cold therapy, involves standing in a booth at very low temperatures. It’s said to boost circulation, release ‘feel good’ hormones, and leave the body feeling "powerful and strong".

What about your favourite products?


"Lancer Fluid Sheer SPF 30 is an excellent formula," says Lucy, "and it could be used as a moisturiser and primer, should you run out of everything else."

She also recommends Lauren Napier Cleanse Individual Facial Wipes (€40 from Fetch Beauty). "I’m a double cleanse person and love a warm washcloth, but these little guys are drenched in antioxidants and vitamins so they are really convenient and also really good for your skin."

Lucy McPhail is nominated for Beauty Entrepreneur of the Year in this year’s IMAGE Business of Beauty Awards. To vote for Lucy (or any of our nominees), click the link below...


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