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Can we all agree that fragrances are very personal? What appeals to one person can repel another. Here, the IMAGE team pays homage to the scents they've loved, and grown out of over the years, and next up is IMAGE?Creative Director, Bill O'Sullivan.?


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Hugo Boss Hugo Man Eau de Toilette, €73 for 125ml
My first fragrance crush was the result of a blind date. My big sister gave me a present of this fresh Hugo Boss scent - a perfect choice for a first- timer. Clean and inoffensive, it would suit almost anybody. I'd have to admit it's a bit synthetic and generic now, but it takes me back, and that filter of nostalgia makes me still fond of it.


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Tom Ford Tuscan Leather, €187 for 50ml
If my surroundings could smell vaguely of this at all times, I'd be a happy man. It's intense and is definitely not for everybody, but I find it completely addictive. Any time I wear it, my arm is glued to my nose. I've tried other leather fragrances - and Franck Boclet Leather is a respectable runner-up - but Tom Ford is the winner every time.



Terre d'Hermes, €93 for 100ml
Created in 2006, this is already acknowledged as a classic, but is more of a holiday romance for me. I discovered it on a warm, lazy afternoon wandering around a little village near Italy's Lake Maggiore, and that is forever what it will remind me of. It slightly lost its allure under grey Irish skies, but I always have a bottle for when I feel like rekindling this affair.


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Gucci Pour Homme II, €51 for 100ml
My go-to scent, this is a truly long-term relationship - more like a reliable friend. I can wear this to any occasion, as well as every day in the office, and it won't show me up, but that doesn't mean it's generic. I'm no fragrance connoisseur, and my nose isn't developed enough to pick out the individual notes (I just know what I like!), but this is a unique mix apparently made up of violet, tobacco and black tea. It stays close to the skin - some would see this as a negative, but I like the subtlety. And I love the bottle!

This article originally appeared in the March issue of IMAGE.

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