How to create 3 easy desk-to-disco hairstyles for the party season

We teamed up with L'Oréal to find out how to create three easy desk-to-disco looks for the festive season

'Tis the season for going to parties and social gatherings after work (not to mention getting dressed up and feeling glam). But nobody wants to appear over-the-top... Extravagant updos aren't exactly right for the office, are they?

With this in mind, we teamed up with stylists from L'Oréal to learn how to do three desk-to-disco looks for the party season.

Using tools you already own (hairbrush, bobbin and bobby pins), plus a spritz of L'Oréal Elnett hairspray, you can achieve everything from a sleek ponytail to glamorous waves.


Elnett hairspray

Why Elnett?

The joy of L’Oréal’s Elnett is it doesn't leave that sticky, crispy feeling you get with other hairsprays. Its unique formula has been developed for long-lasting hold without a feeling of stiffness.

Not only does it effectively hold your chosen style in place, but its patented micro-diffuser sprays ultra-finely so that you can hardly see it or feel it. Plus, it disappears at the stroke of a brush, leaving your hair feeling clean, soft and shiny.

1. The perfect messy ponytail

First up – it's the perfect messy ponytail. To start, pull your hair up into a high ponytail (as high as you can get it), leaving the front section of your hair to hang down. Secure the ponytail with a bobbin, before gently 'undoing' it by pulling small sections down. "You want this to be as messy as possible," says the stylist.


Next, take a small piece of hair from the top of your ponytail, spray it with Elnett, then wrap it around the bobbin so that the bobbin can no longer be seen. Secure it in place with a bobby pin.

Lastly, mess your ponytail up some more (either by backcombing or tousling it with your fingers), and set it in place with a few more bursts of hairspray.

2. The glam wave

Next, it's the glam wave. Using a hot tool (such as a curling iron), create a natural and textured wave. While this is perfect for a day in the office, some simple techniques can elevate it to a nighttime look.

Once your hair has been styled with some loose, textured curls, prep it with a spritz of Elnett. Then, create a side-parting; pinning in place using a sparkly clip or glitzy hair accessory. After one more spritz of hairspray, you are ready to go.

3. From vintage waves to a party ponytail


To start, use a hot tool to style your hair into ringlet-style curls. Brushing out the curls, and creating a deep side-parting, spray the now-loose waves in place. Our stylist advises using the hairspray tin itself to roll the waves into place.

While this vintage style is beautiful as it is (particularly when held in place with a clip), you can elevate it further by pulling it back into a sleek ponytail. To do this, brush out the waves nice and easily (did we mention Elnett doesn't stick?) and tie it at the nape of your neck using a bobbin.

Next, just as you saw in the first video above, take the upper section of your ponytail, spray it with hairspray, then wrap it around the bobbin to conceal it. Using a bobby pin, secure this piece of hair in place, before completing the look with an elegant bow (or similar hair accessory).

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