This L'Oréal video is making us want to ring our hairdresser to say thanks

With all this talk of Valentine's, love and relationships we have forgotten about one of the greatest love stories that each and every one of us will have in our lifetime; the relationship with our hairdresser.

It's an important relationship. And after coming across this L'Oréal video, we feel it's one that needs to be celebrated.

Your hairdresser is a constant companion. A most revered confidant and a trusted friend. It is an everlasting affection, which will endure the hardest of hardships. Hairdressers are there to help on your very best days and will be there to guide you through your worst.

Each time you sit on that chair, it's like catching up with an old friend. There is an unspoken bond. You tell them about your holidays, your family, your romances and your finances without any hesitation. They tell you about their problems or worries and you oblige by being the silent listener.

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On the days when general chit chat is just too much, they understand and won't push you. They make you a cup of tea and you can relax without judgement.

Hairdressers are an integral part of a woman's confidence. When you aren't feeling like you they will elevate you to your best self. They will help you feel your most beautiful self on the most important days of your life and on a rainy day, they will show you a glimpse of sunshine.

They understand exactly what you want when you say "not too short", "I don't want is as blond as the last time" or when you say "I just want a change". The language of hair is a complicated one, but your hairdresser just knows.

In this week of love and affection, this video has made us want to ring our hairdresser and say thanks. Thanks for all the ups and downs, the layers and the highlights. Thanks for the curly blow dry's that keep their shape for days on end. And thanks for the tea and chats.

Thanks for everything.


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