Liquid liner inspiration: The best Instagram how-tos

Liquid liner is one of the trickiest things to master in the world of beauty. Luckily for us, Instagram is packed with beauty experts who know their stuff, ready to help us nail it...

I tried and failed for years to master a liquid line. After about five years giving it my best, I just gave up. Maybe they just don't suit me? Maybe I'm not patient enough? Both probably true.

But if you're dedicated to the elusive liner mastery, there's help to be found all over Instagram. From Irish beauty experts to make-up artists and influencers, you'll find someone to give you the tips you need to succeed. Here are three I would look to (if I was still attempting it... Which I am not. Know when to quit, etc, etc)...



The Irish eyeliner queen, Laura Kennedy, is known for expertly drawing hers on daily. Daily. Like, every single day. The skills this girl has to be able to lash on a wing as though it were a scarf.

I would keep an eye on her Instagram, for future liner recommendations. Although, product wise, it has to be said, she's a firm devotee of Chanel's liquid liner and rarely, if ever, strays from it.


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Famous on Instagram for many things, not least her skills with liner, Katie Jane has hooded eyelids and uses her skills as a make-up artist to make winged liner accessible for others with the same eye type.

She has highlights saved where she shows how it's done and shows how other people who follow her have attempted it.



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There's not much Jen doesn't do well when it comes to beauty — she nails so many looks it makes my head spin. Her liner game is always at peak, and I am regularly filled with jealousy as I see how sharp she manages to make her flicks.


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