Lipstick-lip-balm To Die For

This week we're in conditioning lippie heaven, thanks to Max Factor. The beauty brand have revealed their latest in make-up breakthroughs with the launch of new Colour Intensifying Balm. It's got all the benefits of a hydrating balm, but it's got the pay-off of a lipstick. What's more, you can go for one simple layer for a light touch of colour - perfect for a day at the office - or you can gradually build towards an extreme colour hit for a night on the tiles; whatever it is you require, the pigment here won't disappoint.

Your smackers will no longer yearn for two separate products - one to condition and one for colour. The moisturising balm contains 70% occlusives and emolients. Occlusives are a substance that forms a natural barrier on the lips, holding on to their natural moisture. It also boasts mango butter, shea butter and cocoa butter, ensuring your lips are left feeling super soft. Colour wise, you've got micro fine mica particles that allow for extremely thin layers of colour on the lip. It also increases the light reflection in the pigment maximising colour intensity.

As an added bonus, they smell pretty edible too.


You've got nine gorgeous shades to choose from here. We love the pinkier tones of Refined Rose and Sumptuous Candy while Charming Coral and Luscious Red will work wonders for a statement lip.

?11.49 and two thumbs up from the beauty brains at IMAGE. Available nationwide from May.


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