Less make-up, more moisturisers: How my skincare routine has changed in the pandemic

Since WFH became the new norm, my beauty routine has transformed for the better. I can finally focus on nourishing my neglected skin with vitamin-rich moisturisers and gentle cleansers.

Remember the days of always being on the go? When we’d actually get ready five days a week and go into work or get dolled up for a night out in town. Those times seem like a distant dream now.

Over the past year, it feels like everything’s changed. My whole daily routine has transformed, giving me more rest and me-time than I've ever had before.

Instead of the usual early alarm, allowing time for makeup, hair and wardrobe decision before my commute, I indulge in a couple hours of extra sleep before dressing in the comfiest clothes I can find, running a brush through my hair and starting up my laptop.


My carefully crafted makeup bag lies alone in the corner of my bedroom, gathering dust in between random uses.

New beauty routine, new me

In fact, my whole beauty routine has changed dramatically. Instead of daily foundation, eyeshadow and mascara, I see my bare skin in the mirror all day, which although frightening at times, has encouraged me to invest more in my skincare.

Instead of restocking liquid eyeliner and eyeshadow pallets, I have redirected my beauty funds into rich creams and vitamin-infused moisturisers. 

I’ve had the time to read up on skincare ingredients and form more healthy habits for my dull, dehydrated and flaky skin.

In the morning, I use a gentle cleanser then apply a daily moisturiser. I’ve tried quite a few (Neutrogena, Simple, Cerave) but most were too heavy or too light. 

Moisturise and shine


The best balanced one I’ve found is Olay’s Regenerist Whip. It’s light and airy, absorbing fairly quickly without leaving an oily residue - a rare find in moisturisers with SPF.

Plus, it’s infused with Vitamin B3 and peptides, so it actually nourishes my skin, eliminating impurities and adding a healthy glow.

If I plan on going out, I’ll add a few drops of my liquid foundation, mix it in with the moisturiser on the back of my hand and voila! I have a homemade CC cream.

At night, I’ll cleanse and opt for a richer, fragrance-free moisturiser to work on my complexion overnight.

Retinol to the rescue

I’ve found that night creams with retinol like Olay’s Regenerist Retinol 24 work really well on my skin, reducing fine lines and colour-correcting dullness and dark spots. 

As you can expect, my skin has improved dramatically since I’ve started my new routine, with less breakouts, reduced redness and an overall brighter skin tone.


And while I still enjoy my occasional makeup days, beauty has taken on a whole new definition for me, one that I hope will continue when the busyness of life returns.


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