Less is more: The multi-tasking beauty products that double and triple job

Less is more, really and truly, when it comes to beauty products. Not necessarily the amount you wear, more so the amount you have to carry with you...

Skin first

Weleda's Skin Food is just one of those products everyone should have in their arsenal. A primer, a moisturiser, a salve, a hand cream, a barrier cream - there's so many uses to it. And one of my favourite beauty gals (Katie Jane Hughes, of course) uses it as a highlighter too.

less is more


Weleda Skin Food

€9.05 from hollandandbarrett.ie

Let 'em loose

Setting powder is one of those things that you don't realise you can't live without until you've used it and come to rely on it. I use mine to set my foundation - obvious - but I also use it as a blending powder for my eyeshadow (when I don't want to add colour) and I use it in my hair if I'm stuck in a dry shampoo-less emergency.

less is more

€18.95 from Isadora.com

A sailor went to CC


Anyone who knows me will have had to sit through The Talk, in which I go into a spiel so fervent, you'd think I was on commission for It Cosmetics CC Cream. No such luck, but that doesn't quell my love for it. A skincare powerhouse, full coverage foundation, concealer if used neat, AND an SPF50 - what did we do to deserve it's brilliance?

less is more

It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream

€39 from arnotts.ie

Face in full

Lastly, and most obviously, Charlotte Tilbury's Look in a Face Palette. This does it all - contour, sculpt, highlight, blush, eyeshadow - there's also scope, depending on your colouring, to use it as a powder brow product, used wet it can be a more impactful liner and really, any of those colours can be put under a gloss or lip balm as a 90s, modern wash of colour.

less is more


Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look in a Palette

€69 from charlottetilbury.com

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