Kristen Stewart's Make-Up Artist On The Weird Key To Her Smokey Eye

There are some celebrities we consider the go-to for perfection in beauty trends.

Kim gets first prize for contour. Cara gets the gold for brows. J-Lo has the best highlighter. Jennifer Aniston wins best tan. Nobody does dewy and natural like Elle Fanning. Chanel owns the red lip.

It's fair to say that Kristen Stewart is a pretty good contender for the smokey eye. She's always wearing a fusion of punk, glam, metallic, smouldering tones of charcoal.


Celebrity make-up artist Jillian Dempsey is the brains and brushes behind the Chanel ambassador's signature look. In an interview with The Cut, she shared her unusual advice for achieving K-Stew's smokey eye.

"Kristen and I will use our knuckles and smudge on her mascara and around the lash line because we don't want it to look like a perfectly set eye. My favourite thing is to draw a sloppy, crooked, thick line - draw it in an upside down V in the crease of the eye. It makes it look like it's dark in the crease, and adds depth to the upper lash line. With Kristen, we tend to line under her eye and use a finger or a nylon brush to go back and forth before applying mascara so it does get a little messed up, or use a finger. Make sure to draw a line and not take it all the way into the inner corners of the eye as you don't want to pull your eyes together."

For the lower lash line, Jillian recommends a flat and tiny rectangular or circular brush. She advises a nylon brush for getting into your eye as the brushes are softer. Not a cotton brush, as it will leave little cotton fly-aways, and not a finger, if you're wearing acrylics. Obvs.

Featured Image: @JillianDempsey


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