Kim Kardashian Appears Make-up Free On Vogue Cover

But is she really without the war paint? It certainly appears so, and though she looks great on the cover, we know that at least some airbrushing will have gone on here. Kim took to her much-used Instagram account to present herself sans-makeup, looking all fresh faced and gorgeous on the cover of Vogue Spain. It is a beautiful shot.

We have to say fair play to Mrs Kardashian-West for going bare-faced as (even with the airbrushing), it isn't any easy thing to do and we know she certainly found of wearing a great deal of the stuff when she's out and about.

Of course, when celebrities say ?no makeup,? that could mean a number of things, it could mean ?basically no make-up? which may include concealer and a tinted moisturiser and so on, or it could mean, completely barefaced, but we're ever a skeptic about that option. Regardless, the cover is all about Kim and (that seriously incredible wedding ring, we have ring envy) we don't know if it's her pregnancy adding to her whole glow, but she truly does look absolutely beautiful and very natural. We think she should tone-down her beauty look in future in fact, as she really doesn't need to wear so much.


Kim is clearly in a good place with her pregnancy and so on, and also took to Twitter today to put rest to any ridiculous rumors that she might have been ?faking? her pregnancy with this perfectly timed tweet:

A perfect response to the haters. And we know all about the Beyonc? pregnancy saga, but we just don't think Kim would go that far, especially as she's been very vocal in the past about her desire to have more children.

What do you think of the cover? Do you think she's really make-up free?

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