Khlo? Kardashian Has A Haircut We Love: The Lob

As we're in a new season, apart from changing up your skin, fashion and beauty routines to suit the cooler climate, many also often use this time of year to give their locks an overhaul. If you're keen to get your mane chopped but don't want to go too short or too dramatic, why not opt for one of this year's most popular hair trends: The Lob.

This is when your hair is really a perfect length; it isn't too long, and it's not too short. Basically, it's a long bob. The hair should be textured with some layers, and should typically graze your collarbone. The lob has been floating around the Internet again today with the news that Khlo? Kardashian opted to give her famously long locks the chop. Her lob is perfection and really suits her:

The beauty of this particular haircut is that it suits virtually any face shape and can be worn a variety of different ways: You can opt for a blunt lob (this contains no layers at the front), a longer-layered lob, or a choppy lob which is ideal for those with curlier hair.


As you can see from the pictures above, you can still have a lot of fun with the hairstyle, and it's manageable, chic and very on-trend (another added plus).

Would you opt for a lob?


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