Kendall Jenner Shares Her Beauty Secrets

Though many of us collectively groan when we hear their names, let's not pretend we haven't at least once googled a Kardashian/Jenner beauty tutorial (the only person you're kidding is yourself). Next up, it's model-of-the-moment, Kendall Jenner's turn to let us in on a few of her beauty secrets. We're fans of Jenner's make-up in general; she doesn't go too OTT and with a steady hand, it looks like we could try to emulate at least one of her beauty looks at home.

She's now fronting the latest Est?e Lauder campaign, and that gave her the opportunity to let the world in on a few of said secrets. According to People, she said she makes sure to wash her face and moisturise as much as possible. ?With all the flying I do I need to have a concrete plan for my skin,? Jenner explained. ?The plane always dries my skin out.? She said combats this by drinking lots of water and keeping key products from the brand in her bag - Double Wear Makeup To-Go Liquid Compact (which looks all sorts of amazing), a Little Black Primer and Pure Colour Envy Liquid Lip Potion. ?My moisturiser is by Elta MD, and it's really good,? said Jenner. ?It has sunscreen in it, so I wear sunscreen every day.?

We wonder if these will be the next products to go on the sell-out lists?

Her key tip to applying make-up en route is to ?always use a light foundation and keep it natural.? Though there is nothing wrong if you like to opt for the Hunzo look, it should be whatever makes you feel good.

?I usually start my day off with a cup of detox tea,? added Jenner. ?I have 12 cups a day.? This sounds excessive though we really can't blame the girl for loving tea, even the detox variety. ?


Though she said?that her real secret to staying happy, healthy and looking good was to maintain the right life balance. ?Work is obviously important, but a balance is key. I like to always make time for family and friends.?

We like the sound of those products.

Via People

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