Kate Moss shares a peek inside her beauty routine

Inside the beauty routine of Kate Moss

Kate Moss, supermodel extraordinaire, style icon and the influencer behind a generation of blondes with wardrobes full of Topshop clothes and Rimmel lipsticks has given a rare interview about her beauty routine.

In an interview with Elle Magazine, she shared that her partying days are long behind her.

"I hit the sack at 11pm-ish, and watch Netflix before I go to sleep," she says. "I’ve just finished Sex Education – it’s so funny. I wake up at around 8am. I’m a bit groggy in the afternoon if I don’t get eight hours’ sleep. The first thing that passes my lips is hot water and lemon. I try to have that first, and follow it up with a coffee."


As the face of Japanese luxury beauty brand Decorté Beauty,  it's a staple in her routine. "My make-up routine tends to be a bit of cover-up, then whatever bronzer I have lying around, a Decorté lipstick as a stain, and I curl my eyelashes to finish," she told Elle. "The best beauty advice I've ever received is getting a lip colour I can use on my cheeks. I even pop a bit on my eyes, too."


Her skincare routine also includes Decorté‘s AQ Meliority Cream. "It’s rich but instantly sinks in to give skin a velvety finish. My day-to-day routine is very simple: I just wash and moisturise. But when I’m on holiday and have more time, I go wild. My daughter and I do beauty routines with all the serums and masks." Her beauty secret is sunscreen."I love La Roche-Posay Anthelios Fluid SPF50+, as you can wear it under make-up," says Kate. She's also a fan of a jade roller: "I love it for under my eyes; it irons them out a bit. I keep one in my bag – when I’m bored, I just start rolling!"

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Self-care is quite important to her. Her biggest beauty indulgence is massages and facials, ("I get therapists to come to the house") and she says yoga is the key to managing stress. "It helps me concentrate on the here and now. My exercise routine starts with yoga in the morning: my instructor comes to my house. I also have a mini gym with a Peloton bike, which I don’t use very often! It’s quite hardcore but my brother loves it." Another healthy habit includes the much-discussed trend from the earlier part of this year, which feels about a hundred years ago now - celery juicing. "My fridge is always filled with loads of celery," says Kate. "I do celery juices for everyone in the house in the morning."


Read the full interview with Elle Magazine here.

Photography by Decorté Beauty.

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