Kate Middleton's 5-Step Beauty Routine Is Surprisingly Doable (And Budget-Friendly!)

What is it about Kate Middleton that has us so intrigued? She's as far removed from our daily lives as possible, but we're fascinated by her. What she wears, how adorable her kids are and today, even the promise of usable beauty tips from her inner circle have some of us (mainly me) dreaming of shiny, glossy locks - all thanks to a woman I'll never meet in my real life. But I'm forever intrigued by the beauty routines of other women - royal or not -?because I'm nosy and wonder if it'll finally be their product that changes my life for the better. Beauty makes me feel good. I like the thought of using my favourite moisturiser every night - even if, as Helen Mirren so aptly put it, it might do f**k all. And because having Kate Middleton hair would be the ultimate pick-me-up on this gloomy Monday, I'm all about at least trying the below beauty tips - even if I'll never look like Kate Middleton.

1. A Good Oil Goes A Long Way

Rosehip oil is full of antioxidants, so it is perfect for the delicate skin on the face and for those that suffer from breakouts?and/or redness, it's excellent for improving the appearance of mild scars. Kate is a fan of this oil, and if that wasn't enough to sway you, one bottle is sold every 20 seconds worldwide and costs only €25.

2. The Right Shampoo Will Do All The Work For You



Kate apparently spends thousands of pounds per year to achieve her mane of perfect curls. But because few of us have a special fund created solely to maintain our hair care needs, just getting the basics right - using the right shampoo and conditioner - will do most of the hard work for you. I've been a longtime fan of K?ratase products. Even without the royal seal of approval (Kate has been a longtime fan), they are one of the best hair brands on the market. No matter what you're trying to fix, be it split ends, frizz or shine, they have shampoo that will help any woes. My current favourite is K?ratase Bain Fluidealiste (?20), the only product that keeps my hair shiny?and tames frizz. Shampoo well worth investing in.

3. Use A Cloth To Wash Your Skin - Always

How many use a washcloth to remove makeup and clean the skin? So many I know still use cotton buds or their hands to remove cleanser, which only gets surface dirt off. A hot washcloth is much more effective and ensures your pores really get cleaned. Kate's go-to makeup artist Arabella Preston affirmed to?The Cut that washcloths are perfect for wiping away stuck-on dirt and makeup, and when used gently - rinse the cloth in water as hot as your skin can take it and lightly use on skin - can double as an effective exfoliator (especially if you double cleanse). Liz Earle (?19) and Eve Lom (?50)?are two of the best hot cloth cleansers on the market, and both come with these cloths, or you can buy them separately in any pharmacy.

4.?Facials Are An Investment But Worth It


One thing Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Middleton have in common is that they've both tried an experimental facial as an alternative to Botox. The Huffington Post reported that Middleton has experimented with the bee venom facial for a needle-less facelift.?But if you're new to facials and want to try one that sounds less evasive, we love the Caci Ultimate Anti-Ageing Facial.?Anyone who used to get facials in the 1980s will remember CACI - Computer Aided Collagen Induction - a face (and body) treatment that used electric current to stimulate collagen production and temporarily push muscles (face, bum, even breasts) back to where they came from. If you remember the treatment, then you are absolutely a candidate for the 2016 version, whereby the CACI machine has, even more, power, programmes and uses. For the face, it offers instant lift; improves skin tone, clarity and texture; hydrates and de-bloats. The multi-step treatment incorporates modern microdermabrasion, lymphatic drainage, a mask with super-hydrating serum, and various sweeps of light-therapy and electric current 'magic? wands. A great all-rounder that works best as part of an intensive, six-in-four week series. Our favourite gadget was the ?wrinkle comb?, which charged hydration in a lined area to magically puff out deep furrows. Treatments are 90 minutes each, €125 at?Edvard & Pink, Dundrum Town Centre,?pinkbeautyemporium.ie.

5. A Signature Scent Is Worth Investing In

For me, my beauty routine is only complete when I've spritzed some perfume. Having my own scent, much like wearing my favourite shade of lipstick, is linked to my whole mood and overall look; the finishing touch. I've always believed in investing in a perfume - so paying a bit more to ensure quality and staying power - and much like Kate, I adore Jo Malone's, Orange Blossom (?109). It smells crisp, light and fresh and one bottle will last ages.

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