Jessica Alba To Launch Own Beauty Range

Is there anything Jessica Alba can't do? Before you say anything, we think the answer is probably no. The actress turned uber-successful businesswoman (her Honest company just hit the billion dollar mark), is anything but just a pretty face - she's smart, driven, talented and more. And now?it seems she's ready to let us in on more than a few of her beauty secrets. Honest, which specialises in eco-friendly products for mother and baby, has just announced its intention to launch a new range of beauty cosmetics, which we're betting will go flying off the shelves.

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Not too much is known about the line as yet, a cryptic instagram shot or two was revealed, but little else. The beauty line is set to launch this year anyway. What's also not known yet is if Alba's company will feature skincare, which would be a natural fit for the brand's ethos.


Already the ?Goop? comparisons have begun, as Gwyneth Paltrow is also set to release a beauty product or two. Reports recently emerged that Paltrow is exploring a joint venture between Goop and organic cosmetics line Juice Beauty, and though both Alba and Paltrow will push the eco-friendliness of their new products, we're betting that Alba might just take the crown. Her likeability factor is way ahead of Paltrow's for a start (though this isn't to diminish her achievements or success) and Alba just seems to ?get it,? whereas Paltrow seems a bit less in tune.

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Time will tell, but we're already looking forward to trying to snap up a product or two when they hit the shelves.

Now, is it too much too hope that Alba might let us in on how she maintains her incredible skin?



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