Jennifer Rock's guide to bridal skincare

Founder of The Skin Nerd online skin consultancy and author of  The Skin Nerd,  Jennifer Rock tells HOLLY O’NEILL her bridal skincare cardinal rules.

DO start working on your skin results as soon as possible

The more time you have to hone, perfect and boost your skincare regime, the better your results will be. When it comes to active ingredients like glycolic acid, sometimes the skin needs to be eased into it with smaller amounts and then stepped up to more potent products. By allowing as much time as possible, you can be using those heavy-hitters without seeing irritation.

DON’T introduce a new facial treatment in the month before the big day

Unless your facialist is absolutely certain that the treatment is advisable for you, do not try something new because you’ve heard from a celebrity that it will transform your skin. Play it safe and steer clear of something that could cause a breakout, irritation or reaction.

DO feed the skin from within and start getting nutrients into you


I heard from a professional photographer that red is the first colour that shows up on someone’s skin on camera. Counteract this by loading up on vitamin C through your diet and through supplements.

DON’T go it alone

With more information out there about skincare than ever before, it is tempting to think about eschewing expert advice with a firm hand and DIY-ing it. Please don’t do that. As skin consultants and facialists, we have studied the physiology of the skin, the benefits and effects of the ingredients in both home use and professional skincare and have gotten skin results for hundreds if not thousands. If there are any problems, we will know how to correct them as quickly as possible. If you don’t feel like you confidently could, make sure you speak to an expert skincare professional.

DO remember that a spot is only a spot

Worst case skin scenario: your skin has behaved so well up until the morning of your big day and you’ve woken up with a bruiser of a pustule. Do not panic, do not try to pop it, do not touch it. Any of these things will make it worse. Allow your makeup artist to work their magic and remember that when you’re showing your grand-minis your wedding photos, you won’t be thinking “that was some spot I had there on my forehead”.

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Backstage photography by Jason Lloyd Evans.

This article originally appeared in the January/February issue of IMAGE Magazine.
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