Jennifer Aniston Shares Her Ultimate Good Hair Day Advice

How to get Jennifer Aniston hair, you ask? For a start, don't wash it every day. In an interview with Harpers Bazaar to promote the brand for which she's the new face - Living Proof, the recently wed star divulged her every hair-related secret. There aren't many.

Though we imagine she's loathe to even mention 'The Rachel', Aniston knows she's as famous for her luscious locks as she is for her acting ability. So why not make it work for her? Endorsing their Living Proof Night Cap that keeps your hair fresh and flawless through the night, as well as a restorative mask and a dry shampoo, it's safe to assume this brand can now sit back and watch the dollars roll in. If Jennifer Aniston says a hair product really works, you're going to pay heed.

"Don't wash it everyday for sure and use the Restore Mask Treatment once a week. ?I would say I go two or three [days]."

Surrounded by a team of stylists, Jen has still managed to learn the art of a decent blow-dry, though she leaves the fancier stuff to the pros.

Jennifer Aniston Jennifer Aniston

"I can blow-dry my hair pretty well, but I don't have any crazy, hidden French twist talents up my sleeve. I can do a French braid on someone, but I don't think I can do it on myself. I've given a lot of my nieces and my friends' daughters many a French braid so I can say that."

As for handling those days when it all goes awry, Jen says "Usually I put it up in a ponytail or a great hat, but I don't have very many bad hair days. Last night I used my Living Proof Night Cap, and it's kind of incredible; I just wake up, and it looks fresh and clean."

Though she admits that she doesn't "have very many bad hair days", she would quite happily wipe her memory of a bygone era: "Can I just say a decade? The '80s by far."

I guess it's not really a hairstyle, but the ombr? hair kind of took over for a period. I don't think the short, choppy Rachel haircut is as big?I think long, natural hair is more the look now. I think it's sort of a '90s thing, that choppy Rachel hair.

For more on Jen's hair tips, as well as her hair idol and the one trend she'll never try, check out the full interview over on Harpers.?

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