Irish Women Have Revealed Their Favourite Lipstick Shade

A lipstick, most will agree, is one of the most transformative tools in your beauty kit. It finishes off your entire look, and the variety of shades and textures available means that you can be transformed in minutes, simply by choosing that darker shade of berry red, for example.

On that note, Irish women have revealed in a new survey, which lipstick shade they prefer the most.

In a new beauty survey carried out my Heathrow Airport, the International Lipstick Colour of The Year Report researched 49 different cities from around the world to decipher each of their most popular shades. The results are interesting, as it's intriguing to see which shade each city prefers.

That's right, now it seems your favourite lippy can now do more than just transform and alter your look - the shade you wear can give people a clue as to what city you call home.

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Can you guess what the colours preferred by those in Dublin and Belfast?

Even this shade choice surprised us a little, but if the results are to be believed, he study revealed that Dublin women prefer a bright orange-red shade (there's nothing wrong with wanting to stand out from the crowd), while those in Belfast lean towards a more subtle sheer strawberry pink.

It seems the Dublin folk are suitably on trend as orange lipsticks have been making a comeback on the beauty scene of late.

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?In terms of how other cities faired shade wise, the results colour choices are mixed. In Las Vegas, women are said to love a bright coral orange, and in Paris, a dusky rose is the colour of choice for the Tr's Chic?ladies there. Fashion capital Milan is also about the brighter shades as the women there are said to favour a splash of bright fuchsia.

Various shades of pink seem to be the overall choice for many cities, but some unleashed their darker sides and preferred shades of Golden plum (Rome) or Burgundy (Nairobi).

You can see the full list below:



What do think of the Irish shades of choice? Will you be opting for these shades the next time you're at the beauty counter?

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