Irish Instagram: The five beauty Stories I never miss watching

Here are the five Irish Instastories I watch every second of and never, ever tap through when I want the latest and most genuine beauty reviews...

There is no doubt about it - Instagram has reached peak beauty. Every second account I follow is showing off their latest purchases, demoing an eyeshadow palette or declaring their undying love for the new teeth whitening kits to land in the Irish market.

My pal Laura noted it recently - EVERYONE seems to be talking about beauty. And a lot of it, I'm there for. A lot of it is great content. But a lot of it is, well, a bit stale.

My Favourite Five


There are, however, five accounts I will never tire of watching, that I always take something new from and that I always find myself trusting time and again for product recommendations.


I love Jen Morris, aka Too Dolly, because she is hilarious, so very down to earth and doesn’t take herself, or the industry, too seriously. She’s always first to say what she’s thinking, is irreverent in the best way and is so comfortable in her own skin her personality jumps of the screen.


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Louise’s ‘day job’ if you will, is as a DJ on 2fm, and she’s tops at that. But her passion for beauty has led her to both write about it and produce stellar beauty content on Instagram that is relatable, real and coming from a place of true knowledge and a love for products and trying new things. Again, her genuine approach to it is what keeps me enthralled.



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Karen is a friend of mine, but before she was a pal she was someone who’s beauty blog I followed religiously. Her content is stunning, her imagery is incredible and she’s honest to a fault. And she’s absolutely hilarious to boot (check out her video of her catching her neck in a ghd for proof!).


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I absolutely adore Simone’s photography and feed style. Her imagery makes me want to buy everything she shows off, and she’s got a really lovely way of endearing her viewers to whatever she talks about. I never skip her Stories or her feed.


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Fionnuala is one of my favourite people on Instagram full stop. She’s super creative with her content, you never feel like what she’s doing is unachievable, and she always thinks of a new angle to explore when it comes to products. I always feel like I learn something when watching her on Stories, as well as laughing until my face hurts.


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