Irish hair stylist David Cashman shares his top 5 tips for keeping your hair in great condition

With winter looming and salons closed, our hair probably isn't looking its best right now, so we've asked a top stylist what simple things we can do at home to help it look its best. 

It's cold and blustery outside, we have the central heating on, and you're probably due a trim: all things that can play havoc with your hair.

Whether it's feeling dry and damaged or your frizz is out of control, chances are, there are simple ways you can alter your hair routine to improve your hair's condition.

That's why we've asked Irish hair stylist David Cashman for his advice on caring for your hair at home. Originally from Tullamore, David has worked all around the world, so there isn't a hair issue he hasn't dealt with, and he also has a number of celebrity clients.


He is also a regular fixture backstage at Paris, Milan and London fashion weeks, and is based in Coterie Hair on Dublin's Wicklow street.

hair tipsDavid Cashman

David will also be giving hair care and styling tips at our free IMAGE X Pantene Hair Talks virtual masterclass on November 12. You can register for the event here. Here are David's top tips for looking after your hair at home.

1. Cleanse your scalp, not your hair

When you are washing your hair, remember to spread the shampoo throughout the scalp. Use your fingertips rather than the palm of your hand to cleanse, this will help with  blood flow and also stimulate the scalp. Also, just as you would do for your face, always remember to double cleanse.

You can also support your hair's growth with Pantene Pro-V Miracles Lift’N’Volume silicone-free shampoo, which strengthens hair and won't weigh it down, creating a look full of volume.


2. Don’t let your conditioner end up down the drain

Before you add conditioner, squeeze any excess water out of your hair. At this point, add your conditioner, massage it into the middle ends and ends of the hair - wherever you feel it’s most needed. This will help the conditioner really do its job and not just slide off the hair due to excess water.

Bring a wide tooth comb or paddle brush into the shower. Starting at the ends of your hair brush through until any tangles have been removed, rinse and you'll definitely notice the difference.

This also applies to mask products, like Pantene Pro-V Miracles Strong & Long hair mask, which helps reduce hair loss due to breakage. With ingredients like caffeine, bamboo and biotin, you definitely don't want all that goodness ending up down the drain.

3. Avoid the chic towel crown 

As chic as it may look  to wrap your hair in a towel post cleanse and conditioning, it may not be the smartest move. Left too long the towel can damage the hair, causing more breakage. For curly girls especially, try and avoid this.

Instead, you can try using a softer, lighter cotton fabric which is less harsh and damaging on the hair.


4. More volume please

Quite a significant portion of people would love more volume in their hair, but it's important to remember it’s all the prep. Adding products such as root boost volume spray or a mousse to wet hair, not overly towel dried hair makes all the difference.

The Silicone-Free Pantene Pro-V Miracles Lift’N’Volume collection is a great choice for this, ensuring that you're adding volume at each step of your hair care routine. The Hair Multiplier fortifying spray in particular is a great way to add volume, giving you the look of having 6,500 more hair strands.

Drying your hair with your head upside down will also encourage the root to go against how it naturally falls, adding more volume.

5. Try and avoid the heat

As we are into lockdown part 2, let’s try and be mindful about how much heat we are putting on our hair. With little to no social interaction (bar the shop assistant in the supermarket) start to think, do I really need to blow dry or add excess heat to my hair?

If possible, try and get into a habit of ‘air drying’ for the a portion of the week. This break will help your hair if it has been feeling in anyway damaged or stressed over recent months.


You can also ensure your hair is in top condition with Pantene Pro-V Miracles Grow Strong range, which helps to strengthen hair against external damage.

For more expert tips and tricks, register for the IMAGE X Pantene Hair Talks virtual masterclass on November 12. Triona McCarthy will be joined by expert stylists David Cashman and Alex Keville to discuss how the incredible new Pantene miracle range can solve some of your most frequent hair issues, as well as giving a styling tutorial to help you create a salon-worthy look at home. 

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