Ireland’s top beauty experts on how to keep your look in place all day

Imagine getting to the mirror after having your make-up on for eight hours only to find it perfectly in place. The dream! And yet, that rarely happens. Here, Ireland's top beauty experts give their best advice as to how to make that dream a reality...

Ailbhe Lynch, award-winning make-up artist

"Building your make-up in light layers and taking your time with your application will ensure make-up lasts longer than quick, heavy handed application. Powder is key to longevity. Many women are fearful of powder and I often meet women who don’t use it. Powder has come a long way in recent times. Choosing the right one and applying only to the areas necessary will set make-up beautifully without looking dry or caked."


Laura Mercier Translucent Powder, €42

Pamela Laird, beauty expert and entrepreneur

"After my foundation and concealer, I use my damp beauty blender to press in my Laura Mercier translucent powder under my eyes and down my t-zone. I leave this for a minute and then I dust the excess off with a fluffy brush. I always finish with setting spray, either the MAC Fix Plus or the Urban Decay All Nighter, then I use my damp beauty blender again to press it all in. I try to prep the areas that tend not to last so I use Benefit Porefessional around my nose and then Coconut Smoothie Primer in the areas I’m more dehydrated. If my skin is hydrated my make-up always lasts longer!"

Beauty Blender, €17.95

Bonnie Ryan, make-up artist and blogger

"Want to make your make-up to last? It’s down to a couple of factors. Depending on what kind of skin you have, find the right primer, whether that means a hydrating or a mattifying one. Once you have the primer down , an amazing powder that I always use on my clients and especially brides is MAC Studio Fix powder. I trust this powder so much. I know once I put this on someone’s face that their make-up is going to last for hours without needing much maintenance at all."


Clarins Instant Poreless Mattifying Primer, €27

Gemma Leigh, make-up artist and influencer

"Skin prep is key when it comes to longevity with your make-up. Make sure you have a clean surface to work upon. Exfoliate regularly, and if you can, allow your moisturiser to sink into the skin for as long as possible so that your base has less slip once applied. Setting spray is also essential to make sure your make-up stays all day. I swear by Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray and for extra insurance, you can spray it prior to makeup application too. And last but not least, look for key words in your foundation such as 'long wearing' and 'super stay' and check that your foundation is oil free too if you find you produce excess oil throughout the day."

Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray, €31


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Roisin Malone, editorial and bridal make-up artist

"My best advice for make-up that lasts would be to apply primer in certain areas only, it's not always necessary everywhere. Also, clean brushes are key for good make-up application and really have an effect on lasting time. Lastly, a setting spray to set and then rejuvenate the make-up throughout the day is key."

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