Introducing Pixelated Hair

In an age where digital has taken over everyone's life at a 150MB speed, it's not surprising that a digitized approached to fashion and hairstyles has appeared, and the forward-thinking coiffeurs of Madrid's X-presion Creativos have fused these two entities brilliantly. Their latest hair-trend invention, which can be found plastered on all corners of the Internet, comes in the form of a most future-aesthetic kind: pixelated hair. That's right, your hair can now resemble those tiny pieces of light that gather together on a screen to form a digital image.

Pixel-inspired apparel has already long been witnessed on avant-guard catwalks, but found in hair proves itself as one giant leap for hair-stylists around the world. Revlon have already picked up on it and have been pioneering the look in their Neon Collection campaign, which they are aiming at ?women ready to embrace the future? (

However, the style only seems to deliver if your hair remains constantly perfectly straight. Will the future also provide us with manes that stay intact despite movement and weather conditions? Unfortunately, hair does not yet have a ?Refresh? button to click every time one's strands are less than HD.


Cecilia Lacombe


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