The Instagram influencers over 40 who nail every beauty trend

Influencers over 40 have carved out a unique, real and important part of Instagram for themselves. Here are the ones I look to regularly for beauty inspo...

In 2020, I've decided to broaden my intake of beauty content on Instagram. And narrow it at the same time, I suppose. Taking away the filtered, 'perfect' insta make-up, where no pores are allowed to exist and only 19-year-olds are considered examples of beauty, and replacing them with more varied feeds. Feeds where beauty isn't constrained to one age group, one skin colour, one very expensive Photoshop session.

The three accounts below I've been following for a while and getting such incredible inspiration from. Enjoy!

Stephanie Grainger



I worked with the stunning Stephanie on a shoot in 2019 and I was blown away by her incredible style, her platinum cropped hair, her skin and how absolutely lovely she was to boot. I trawl her page for new outfit inspo as well as to see how she effortlessly pulls off lipstick of every single shade.


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Mary Dunne


Mary is an Irish model and personal stylist who is honestly hair GOALS. I can't look at her Instagram for too long before I just start feeling bad about my utter lack of hair by comparison. Another absolutely sound and friendly woman, Mary's 65+ style and beauty inspiration is the best you'll see in Ireland.



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Denise Boomkens


I first saw this amazing account ("portraying fierce women over 40") when Katie Jane Hughes (my Instagram fave) shared it and I have been checking in daily since for beauty inspo. From the striking one-colour looks to natural skin texture showing proudly, I love everything Denise and this account stands for.


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