Instagram beauty: The brand accounts you have to follow

Instagram beauty is a competitive business. Which feed is slicker? Which brand is sticking to their message? Which shareables are going viral? Here are some favourites of mine...

I'm a sucker for a well curated feed. When it comes to reaching and impressing the notoriously fleeting Instagram audience, there are some beauty brands consistently nailing it.

How do I know this? Because I am one of those easily distracted beauty lovers and these are the accounts where I always spend time scrolling the feed.

Christian Louboutin


@louboutinbeauty on Instagram

Cleverly linking in the brand's heritage, the Louboutin Beauty feed is opulence at its best. Combining behind the scenes videos, stunning shoots they've created and product pictures to die for, it's one of my favourites for a leisurely scroll.


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Lime Crime

@limecrimemakeup on Instagram

Magpies will fall in love here and find unlimited things to be dazzled by. Lime Crime as a brand are fun, irreverent and cool and that's exactly the mood of their heavily curated but picture perfect Instagram feed.



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Bite Beauty

@bitebeauty on Instagram

I love so much about their Instagram feed from the cute little illustrations that headline their highlights, to their swatch samples, incredible user generated content and real, down to earth showcasing of their products.


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Chanel on Instagram

Chanel has its official account, but this (relatively new) beauty-only account is THE place for fans of the brand's beauty products specifically. You'll find new product launches, stunning campaign images and visuals you want to look at again and again.


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The Ouai

@theouai on Instagram


They call themselves "haircare you can relate too - FINALLY" and I love that motto. Aspirational and inspiring, The Ouai Instagram account is more than just about haircare - it's about a lifestyle. And it's one I want to be living!


@damselfly_official on Instagram

Okay, not strictly beauty - more so candles - but if you're looking for sheer, unadulterated sass on Instagram, this is your account. I love it, always laugh at their posts and have invested in more than one cheeky candle.


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