Insider Tips: How To Achieve Flawless Brows For Every Occasion

While it's handy to have Benefit's global brow expert Jared Bailey, on speed dial, he's adamant that great brows are within the power of every girl to create herself. Here's his guide for a week of brow looks.

Benefits brow expert Jared Bailey

Benefits brow expert Jared Bailey


?You want to show that you're put together, but don't want your brows to do the talking, so use Goof Proof pencil for a nice wash of colour. The waxy formula is gentle, giving consistent colour and definition. This baby's your friend - you won't make any mistakes - and it'll add a nice bit of shine to your?brows without being identifiable. Good luck - you're gonna ace that job.?

The POWER brow

?Right, you're in a meeting, pitching. You don't want to appear to be on-trend?because hey, you're way ahead of that - you're already onto what's next. First, use the super-fine My Brow pencil to shape and add definition. Go oversized and use a deeper than usual colour, so you can see that definition. Then lock in the look for twelve hours - enough to win the business and shine at the celebratory lunch - with Ready, Set, Brow!. For a new take, brush against growth to make the hair stand out, before setting just so.?

The WEEKEND brow

?That's Gimme Brow all the way because you never know what situation could be just around the corner. This is the LBD of brow products because it tints, tame's and fills in, but it never looks 'done? - hell no, you woke up like that, right? It's also water-resistant.?


?Here you want shape and strategy because sometimes bae wants to look better than her gals, but without them knowing the secret! Start with Brow Zings. Unfold the little brush and use the wax product to build-a-brow, then the powder to set. Now comes the game changer:?3D browtones brushed through for subtle brow highlights that add's depth, dimension, and contrast. Use the wand tip to get right in there with precision.?

The TINDER brow

?Ah, well here you need Ka-Brow! The 100 per cent mike drop of brow products. This little inky pot can be dialled up or down, turning you from girl-next-door to full blown Kardashian. Start natural, then just pop out the brush in the lid and layer up if he's worth it. Best of all, if the date goes well, you're all set for 24 hours in terms of staying power.?


?You need a quick lift, as your make-up goes into meltdown? High Brow pencil, applied directly under the arch, will perk you up as it acts as an instant eye-opener. And you can go one step further by applying just above arches too. Opt for one of two shades, then draw on and smudge with your ring finger. The pink is soft - it makes everything look better, while gold is more eye-catching and gives extra lift.?


Now you know! Shop all of these products and more at the Benefit Cosmetics Boutique?on South William Street, Dublin 2.

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