Inside the daily beauty wellness routines of IMAGE staffers: skin edition

Making a moment for yourself in the day is so important, and beauty offers a daily ritual that's entirely about you. Whether that’s applying your red lipstick before work, making room for yoga or even taking a second to do nothing but focusing on cleansing at the end of the day, our beauty rituals are something we never miss. 

Here, in partnership with L'Oréal Paris, IMAGE staffers share the tiny mindful beauty moments that wake us up, wind us down or get us moving each day.
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I joked recently that the only time I don't have my phone directly adjacent to or on my person is when I'm doing my skincare routine. As a result, it is truly an occasion of self-care. I love a good double cleanse, I precisely dot my eye cream on with my ring finger, I apply face masks with painterly strokes and I layer my serums with precision. I take the few minutes to stretch my neck out as I work in the cleanser, I take deep breaths, I block out thoughts of emails, deadlines and financial woes and just enjoy the million (totally vital) steps. I'm very proud of my ridiculously complex process and won't have a word said against it - it's my time, just for me, no interruptions allowed. - Aisling Keenan, beauty writer and IMAGE contributor.

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I don't keep a diary or schedule in light reading at the end of the day, and I tend to miss gym classes often. Honestly, I'm not the best at finding a lot of time for myself every single day. But, in saying that I do spend 20 to 30 minutes 'waking up' each morning, I'd like to call it! I sit down, do my morning skincare routine, have a big glass of water and then I do my make-up for the day. I usually have my favourite Spotify playlist on in the background too. I genuinely can't imagine starting my day off any differently. I simply couldn't skip this step, I would feel so off-centred and just not right for the rest of the day. It might sound ridiculous, but I plan and think about the day ahead during those moments and I find it incredibly relaxing. I love that time in the morning when the world is still sleeping or slowly waking up. It's so quiet, peaceful and it's that one moment that's completely yours. - Sophie Teyssier, social media manager.

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I've always had skin that errs on the side of oily, so the idea of putting oil on top of oil seemed like a skincare abomination at first. But once I started incorporating facial oil into my nightly routine after work, I was absolutely hooked — now you can't get me away from the stuff. After cleansing, I mix a few drops of L'Oréal Paris Extraordinary Facial Oil in with my moisturiser and spend far longer than is necessary slathering and massaging it onto my face. When you haven't done anything else 'self-care-like' all day, it's the perfect way to feel a bit luxurious for five minutes. - Erin Lindsay, deputy editor at

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Photography by L'Oréal Paris.


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