IMAGE Exclusive: Star Wars Joins Max Factor For Incredible Make-Up Collection

This is hands down the coolest beauty news we've heard all week. Our inner fangirl is running wild, thrusting her imaginary lightsaber to the sky in celebration. Star Wars enthusiasts rejoice; to celebrate the arrival of Episode VII: The Force Awakens, Disney are teaming up with Max Factor for a limited-edition make-up collection.

Inspiring six striking beauty looks, intergalactic beauty is about to go mainstream. For anyone who ever thought that the Star Wars franchise was for boys only, you'd be highly mistaken. Over the years, the franchise has garnered hundreds of millions of female fans and this partnership serves to further connect with these women, allowing them to express their fandom in a new way. And what could be more expressive than make-up? Of course Max Factor are the perfect brand with which to collaborate, as they've continued to keep their finger on the pulse of pop culture since its inception many years ago.

Max Factor Droid Inspired by Star Wars, created by Pat McGrath Max Factor Droid Inspired by Star Wars, created by Pat McGrath

The Star Wars franchise features a number of key themes, including the transformation of key characters as they embark on epic journeys, and also the exploration of the duality of mankind: the light and dark sides in everyone. Max Factor see make-up as key to helping women unlock the power of personal transformation, and for exploring multiple sides of their personalities through experimentation with different looks.


We can now exclusively reveal a first-glance preview at two of the six looks celebrating the partnership. These stunning, transformative looks were created by world-renowned make-up artist Pat McGrath. Here, she draws inspiration from the films? iconic characters, and drew upon the light/dark themes to create a number of modern, avant garde looks - three on the light side, three on the dark side - that will empower women to express themselves and make the looks their own when they recreate at home.

To celebrate the campaign, Max Factor will be releasing a limited edition collection of products with brand new shades used by Pat McGrath to create the striking looks, only available for the duration of the campaign.

Stay tuned for product info and reviews!

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