From the IMAGE archives: A simple at-home facial from the December 1975 issue

This week, we're looking back at beauty tips from the December issue of IMAGE Magazine, 1975...

Right now take a look in the mirror. Skin looking dingy and a bit weather-beaten? Try a simple home facial for fast results. Here’s what to do:

1. Into a fairly large saucepan put about three pints of water and a handful of mixed herbs - rosemary and mint are particularly good.

2. While this is coming to the boil tie back your hair and cleanse skin thoroughly with your favourite cleanser, Boots No.7 deep cleansing lotion is particularly good for younger skins, and their special cream cleanser for older skins.

3. Now turn off the heat under your herbal steam bath, put a towel over your head and the saucepan enclosing yourself in a steamy cleansing tent. Continue this cleansing process until the temperature of the water drops.


4. Cleanse with cleansing cream again. Now is also a good time to tidy up those eyebrows - the pores will be open making the task more simple. Remember always pluck from underneath the arch.

5. To close the pores a relaxing face mask Bio-clear Peel Off is good for a blotchy skin, and Skin Life Peel Off is more sustainable for a normal skin. Should you have a sensitive skin or like to ‘do-it-yourself’ whip one egg yolk with a good tablespoon of honey and apply that. It may sound very effective. Always keep all masks away from the sensitive eye area and the lips. Rinse several times with warm water.

6. Soak two pads of cotton wool with toning lotion and briskly pat the face and neck. This stimulates the circulation which carries impurities away from the skin surface

7. Apply moisturising cream and massage in well - work upwards always when massaging and avoid pulling the delicate skin tissue. Properly applied, make-up should last all day. Start with a good moisturiser, Boots No.7, Helena Rubenstein and Clinique all have an excellent range. Blot excess by dabbing lightly with a tissue, now applying your usual base - dotting it on then smoothing it in. Careful, remember to blend it well along jaw-boone and on to the neck. Finish by patting gently. For an event, make your eyes glitter. Elizabeth Arden's new pearl-spun eye glaze is just the thing for this. It comes in glorious colours - Star Sapphire, Emerald Gold, Silver Smoke, Antique Gold, etc. It comes in a really handy applicator bottle. Don’t be too shy with highlighter on the cheekbones, but don’t overdo the blusher.

8. Apply moisturising cream and massage in well - work upwards always when massaging.

This article originally appeared in the December 1975 issue of IMAGE Magazine. 


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