IlluMask: The High Tech Beauty Treatment That Celebrities Can't Get Enough Of

When beauty and technology converge, you get all kinds of weird and wonderful innovations. The latest in a long line of technological beauty advancement has turned some heads in Hollywood: the anti-aging LED light face mask.

Granted, if someone walks in on you sporting something that looks like a prop from a teenage horror film, you're going to give them the fright of their life, but apparently, this new mask, soon to be available for use at home, works wonders on aging skin. Jessica Alba recently took to Instagram to share her experience with the high-tech facial in LA, while Nicole Richie is also said to be a huge fan. In America, the DIY versions from IlluMask are retailing at around $30 and they promise to help with fine lines, acne and even slow down the aging process. At such a paltry price-tag, it's hard to believe that such results could be achieved.

According to online reports, you simply wash your face, apply the mask (which will come in handy come Halloween), press a button and the magic happens. First you soak up the blue light, which kills common bacteria linked to acne, and then your skin's treated to a red beam, which according to IlluMask, reduces inflammation, stimulates blood flow and improves collagen levels in the skin.

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?LED therapy works on acne, and it also works on aging because it stimulates collagen growth and minimizes brown spots, giving skin a nice glow. Going to the doctor's office is cumbersome. We wanted to make it affordable to everyone,? says US plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Lorenc, who worked on the development of IlluMask.


Though it all sounds too good to be true, reports thus far have been glowing with not only celebrities but members of the public noticing lasting benefits. Recommended use is 15 minutes a day for 30 days. Having already raked in over $10 million in sales since their launch last February, perhaps our cynicism is unwarranted.

Would you try an at home beauty treatment that makes use of red, infrared and blue light?

We'll keep you posted on any versions available in Ireland.

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