Icon status achieved: The brilliance of Charlotte Tilbury's Hollywood Flawless Filter

She's got a lot of incredible products in her collection, but one shines marginally brighter than the rest - literally. It's Charlotte Tilbury's iconic Hollywood Flawless Filter. Here's what makes it so special...

I was confused by it at first - is it a primer? Is it foundation? Is it a highlighter? Then I realised - Charlotte Tilbury didn't want it to be in an already established category - she was inventing the filter category.

Do you need it?

Absolutely not. But also, yes. Bear with me. Initially I didn't think it was something I'd NEED, necessarily - I thought it'd be nice to try, so try it I did. Parting with €40 for something I was so unsure of wasn't enjoyable, but thankfully as you'll see, I didn't regret a bit of it. I am now a solid, forever fan.



hollywood flawless filter

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter

€40 from CharlotteTilbury.com

Personal filter

You know the way we all go on about how we wish we could 'have this filter in real life!' on Instagram? Well, that's what Charlotte has in mind, by all accounts. Her experience on the red carpet was the foundation for the product. She wanted something that primed, blurred, highlighted and gave just a generally glowing and healthy-looking complexion, so she created it.

How I use it


For me, I find it works best when I put it under make-up. A dab on the high points of my face spread out with a tight-haired, small foundation brush, followed by my foundation. Or sometimes, depending on how my skin is that day, followed by a little concealer and nothing else.

You can use it on top of make-up as a highlighter, too, or to blur an area of your face (my nose always appreciates a bit of blurring action).

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It soft focuses your skin, hydrates where you need it, is vegan friendly and honestly, will be copied but likely never beaten. She wanted her own product category, and she's got it. Take a bow, Tilbury!



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Photo: @ctilburymakeup on Instagram

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